Best practices

Our Tembec forest stewardship goes beyond ensuring the vitality of the forest as a natural, wildlife habitat.

Our High-Yield Pulp mills operate using a minimum of 83% of renewable energy, and we work closely with all levels of government to ensure compliance with regulations. This is the future of sustainability.

Both our Temiscaming and Matane facilities use anaerobic processes to treat mill effluent, optimize efficiency, and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

At Temiscaming, the water used to produce HYP is also used to generate electricity for the mill.

At Matane, QC, we have completed an extensive refurbishment to ensure optimal reduction of emissions and maximize the energy efficiency of the plant.

We haven’t waited for governments to regulate our activities. We believe, and have proven, that high quality pulp can be made while reducing our environmental impact. And we do all this at a lower cost.

Doing the right thing, because we are rooted in tomorrow.