Leader in sustainable forest management

Tembec is a leader in sustainable forest management, using renewable energy to act on carbon and climate change, and producing the best alternative to recycled content with our Temcell High-Yield Pulp. Two Canadian operations produce our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified Temcell® product with virgin aspen and maple fiber from Canadian forests. Notably, Tembec is the only producer of high-yield maple pulp.

We were the first Canadian forest products company to obtain ISO 14001 for our environmental management (by QMI).

In 2001, Tembec became the first large public forest products company in Canada to make the commitment to utilize standards developed by the internationally recognized Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and seek certification on all company forest management units. By 2008, Tembec had certified 100% of the public forestlands under its management, and also achieved FSC chain-of-custody certification. The latter provides a guarantee to consumers that any product with the FSC label can be tracked back to an FSC-certified source.

For that, we are grateful for the guidance and assistance of several organizations that recognized the depth of our commitment.