Our Temcell product

Temcell HYP is used in a broad array of products, from high quality coated and uncoated papers and paperboards for printing and packaging through multi-ply boards to sanitary papers and tissues.

Technical performance

Temcell HYP affords our customers the opportunity of producing paper with excellent quality characteristics at a lower basis weight. Temcell HYP is used as a substitute for bleached kraft pulp and offers superior bulk, opacity, absorbency, and stiffness.

Environmental attributes

The efficiencies of producing Temcell HYP reduce wood consumption as well as lower energy use and water consumption when compared to chemical pulps such as softwood and hardwood kraft (sulphate) pulps. Effluent, air emissions (in particular, greenhouse gas - GHG), and solid waste are also lower with Temcell HYP.

For example, using HYP results in 12kg less greenhouse gas emission for every 10% of HYP used per metric tonne of paper; and approximately 10 kg of solid waste per tonne of pulp is typically generated by a HYP mill versus approximately 45-55 kg generated by a conventional kraft pulp mill.  The HYP process also has a zero AOX effluent discharge.

Cost savings

Being environmentally sustainable does not have to cost you more. In fact, it can cost you less using Temcell HYP.

  • Improved bulkiness equates to a lower fiber requirement and thus less cost to you.
  • Lower basis weight means less freight and/or postage cost to you.
  • Higher filler content (at about 1/3 the cost of pulp) in uncoated sheets reduces the fiber requirement for each sheet of paper, which results in a lower paper production cost to you. It also means superior stiffness for superior performance and less likelihood of paper jams in high-speed photocopiers.

Kallima, a division of Tembec, uses Temcell High-Yield Pulp in its coated paper and paperboard products due to its performance advantages, environmental attributes and cost savings.

See for yourself with our HYP cost saving calculator the potential savings that can be obtained by using Temcell HYP.