Research & development

Tembec is a world leader in producing HYP because of the time and effort we have dedicated to researching and refining our processes, as well as collaborating with universities in both Canada and China to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our output.

We use aspen and maple tree species to produce Temcell HYP, and have developed methods that allow us to provide products tailored to each customer’s specifications. Notably, Tembec is the only producer of high-yield maple pulp.

The Tembec commitment to supplying you with the highest quality Temcell HYP extends to our ongoing collaboration with research facilities in Canada and China.

We use aspen (primarily for printing & writing and tissue products) and maple (for packaging products) to ensure that we offer optimal functionality and cost advantage. Our expertise allows us to provide you with Temcell HYP tailored to your specifications.

Here is a partial list of publications pertaining to the research we have undertaken on improving our Temcell High-Yield Pulp:

  • Tailoring High-Yield Pulps for Paper Making Needs
  • The Effect of HYP on Coating Uniformity
  • Maple High-Yield Pulp as a Premium Fiber for High Quality Coated Paperboard
  • Aspen High-Yield Pulp and its Synergetic Effect with Kraft Pulps in Strength

For further information about these research or other documents please contact us.