What is High-Yield Pulp?

HYP (or BCTMP) is pulp that optimizes the use of trees. We have perfected a mostly mechanical process with refiner plates, thus significantly reducing the use of chemicals to separate and extract the fibers from the wood.

The HYP process is totally chlorine-free (TCF).  High-Yield Pulp got its name because the process allows us to obtain a greater yield from each tree; it allows us to use 90% of the original wood, compared with about 45-50% used in kraft (sulphate) pulps.  So, when paper and paperboard makers add Temcell High-Yield Pulp to their products, they are contributing to more responsible forest management.

Simply put, Temcell High-Yield Pulp produces high quality paper products using half the number of trees than other types of pulps.