The Temcell advantage

Economy & cost

It doesn’t have to cost more to do the right thing. In fact, it can cost less.

The economic and cost advantages of using Temcell HYP are clear. Why don't you see for yourself with our cost saving calculator.


Temcell HYP bridges the quality gap between traditional mechanical and chemical pulps, namely kraft pulps, by essentially satisfying the factors of producing paper with excellent quality characteristics at lower basis weights. Temcell HYP, as a direct substitute for bleached kraft pulp, has superior bulk, opacity, absorbency, and stiffness.

Our expertise allows us to offer tailor-made products giving our customers the best value possible.

For coated and uncoated paper, using Temcell HYP improves the quality parameters of bulk, coating hold-out, formation, internal fiber bond, porosity, compressibility, smoothness and stiffness. The same holds true for paperboard with improved convertibility. For tissue and towelling, absorbency and softness are improved.