When you purchase a product made with Temcell HYP, you’re buying quality and contributing to the sustainable management of a precious resource. When you purchase paper products, ask your supplier about whether they contain Temcell HYP.

Forest certification – Why you should care

In the 1990s, we dedicated ourselves to lifecycle forest stewardship that has earned us over a decade of continued certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). In fact, Tembec has one of the world’s largest FSC-certified forest products offering. Our two HYP facilities in Temiscaming QC and Matane QC source wood from FSC-certified forests.

Sustainability and responsibility – Our commitment

Like retailers, Tembec has set stringent environmental goals, and understands the need to find more sustainable solutions in the marketplace. Tembec’s leadership in renewable energy use, low levels of solid wastes (when compared to kraft pulp), action on carbon and climate change, and legal sourcing of fibre helps retailers in furthering their own sustainability visions and commitments to better supply-chain management. Together, we are advancing the sustainable management of resources for the future.

We continuously refine how we produce Temcell HYP to bring superior products to market using the very best sustainability practices.

Our two HYP facilities are managed to ensure that we operate responsibly and forward-looking when it comes to our carbon and environmental footprint.

The production of Temcell HYP generates less than half the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as compared to kraft pulp. For every 10% HYP used to replace kraft pulp in the production of each tonne of paper, about 11.9 kg less of GHG is created overall.

We use renewable sources of energy (i.e., hydro-electricity, biogas, and biomas) and are limiting our use of fossil fuels at each of our HYP mills. 83% of the total energy use at our Matane QC HYP mill and 88% of the total energy use at our Temiscaming QC HYP mill is derived from renewable sources.

Our on-site anaerobic treatment facilities help generate energy in our mills. A significant portion of energy used (50%) for the pulp dryers at our HYP mill in Temiscaming QC is generated by biogas (methane) from both the mill and town’s waste water that is captured and then combusted. The newly commissioned anaerobic treatment plant at our HYP mill in Matane QC should reduce our reliance on fossil fuel for pulp drying by approximately 85% at that mill.

Simply put, sustainability is a best business practice throughout all of Tembec’s operations.

Ask for products with Temcell HYP

HYP is a leading innovative, sustainable product and the best alternative to recycled-content pulp, which is becoming a supply-strained commodity. The increasing demand for recycled content in paper and packaging products is placing upward pressure with higher paper collection rates pushing up recycled paper collection costs and reducing the quality of the paper and packaging products incorporating recycled-content. The resulting global recovered paper crunch will call for a change in fiber composition in products, and HYP delivers a complementing and resource-saving alternative.

Whether in coated or uncoated paper, multi-ply board for packaging or tissues or towels, Temcell HYP products provide the quality you want while protecting our environment.

Products that can use Temcell HYP include folders, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, magazines, catalogs, tissue, towels, as well as packaging for cosmetics, food, toys and games, and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Social responsibility

Sustainability goes beyond our imprint on the physical world. Tembec is committed to treating our employees, the communities in which we live and operate, the First Nations with whom we work, our customers and the community at large with respect. We adhere to the principles of sound governance and work continuously at improving our standards of health and safety throughout the Company.